Saturday, November 13, 2010

If it's not one thing...

The New Orleans Book Fair was as great as I hoped. I met some great people from Verna Press, saw old friends, met Alex's baby girl all while selling prints and post card subscriptions. Just as I loaded all the remaining prints into the studio, it is time for the LSU One of One Printmakers Print Sale! Towards the end of each semester and smartly timed to coincide with the Ceramics Sale, take over two tables in Free Speech Alley in from of the LSU Union Monday November 15th through Thrursday November 18th from 9 am till 5 pm. We sell handmade prints, books, cards, paper and more all created by LSU students and faculty. Work is affordable and half of the proceeds go to the One of One Printmakers' Club to help us bring visiting artists and guest speakers to our classes. This semester, I finally got around to letterpressing a poster for the event, printed in the same colors as a Rocket Pop.
Also check out the CASA Ceramics Sale under the white tent across the way from us. I buy one thing every year and break it accidentally one year later.

This year, I may not be buying anything from the Ceramics Sale because I made a bunch of bowls, plates and cups in my ceramics class. Above is one of the nicest bowls so far filled with peas from our side porch. We steamed them and ate them on salad last night with lettuce from the garden and a radish from the back yard. I do like Louisiana for its fresh food and great weather in November.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

User Error

I still cannot copy the image for the flyer for the New Orleans Bookfair. So go here: , admire the artwork then make plans to be there, this Saturday on Frenchmen Street from 11-6 pm. You would be a fool to miss it. I'll be there with plenty of vendors of books, prints, and one guy with spraypainting caps. Last year Becca made cookies and we won the cute war.