Saturday, July 23, 2011

"My Guys Don't Do Arts and Crafts"

Some screen printing dudes sent this comment to my friend when he asked if they would cut down the patches they screened for him or if he had too. My friend was going to cut all three hundred with scissors, but I do "do arts and crafts" without shame or apology, so I borrowed the rotary cutter and a few grumpy hours later, done. I know this is some offhand comment by some guy who is too busy and fine, you don't have to demean yourself to this level. But the secret is, not all arts and crafts are crap.

For example, yesterday I made these tags for the jars of homemade treats I made fro a friend's wedding gift. You can talk down arts and crafts and I will eat half-sour tomatoes while analyzing your comments and moving on.

Also, as part of a response to Keep Writing number 29 I got this scrap of a t-shirt with hand painted birds. Merci, Claire!

Oh, and I finally took a good photo of the print I made about bicycling in Baton Rouge. You can buy one on Etsy, and $10 of it will go to the New Orleans Community Print Shop, but you have to wait until I return from vacation. Vacation!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swimming Leo Lion

Andy G. might not like the beach as much as I do but he is willing to drive to Florida AGAIN because 1) its almost my birthday, 2)we have friends in Gainesville and 3) he knows that any road trip with me is planned around where we can eat. We will leave our lovely blooming zinnia and follow the heatwave east.

Before we go, in about five days, I will finish my print for the Current Event Print Exchange, even if my only photo so far is of the plans in my notebook. I am about to head to the studio to add two layers of letterpress.

Also, now that most folks should have received there new postcard, I can post this photo of Keep Writing number 31. Also before we leave Sunday, I will set all the type for a text heavy number 32. I can't wait.

Friday, July 15, 2011


By posting that lazy-day photo of my cat, I implied I haven't been getting anything done. And it's true, I have been working at a lazy pace. The heat is daunting. Yet I completed this month's postcard on handmade paper and they should have arrived in mailboxes a few days ago. I used scraps from Blackbird Letterpress's die cut bears. Kathryn saves all her trimmings for me and I mixed up in the Hollander beater, added about a hundred cards from the Brooklyn Museum's library card catalog, which is now totally digital. Good thing since they are giving the cards away to artists. Yes, the impression in this one is a little deep--the handmade paper was so thick and soft. It you look closely, you can see the little bit of library card.

Also, for a friend's birthday I made these Coconut Mocha cupcakes. Sure, I made a few extra for myself, like a little pre-birthday treat. Also, I couldn't fit them all in this cute metal carrying tin that fits in my bike basket.

With all that done, it is time for a game of scrabble.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why is it so Difficult to Get Anything Done?

Thanks, Kitten-face. I have finally written my one page essay for my study abroad application. It took me a month. I have yet to start my screen print for the current event exchange. Ok, I have ideas, I keep saying I just need some time to design it but even this lovely grey day, little rain, not too humid or hot, and still nope not done. Do not fear. It will get done. I just keep telling myself I am relaxing and recharging. Soon I will post photos about actual things I've done. Though I think my new copy of Jeanette Winterson's The Passion might be arriving today and it is time for a reread.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am only halfway though addressing this month's Keep Writing postcard and I got distracted by this site: Cheapstamatic. You can take photos with your webcam or upload your digital photos and then filter them to look like hipstamatic photos. A fun tool for those of us without iPhones. I used it on this photo of me and Becca on our color-coordinating day in New Orleans this spring. I've been visiting often the past few weeks which only delays the to-do lists but the visits to friends are so good.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Ah, a good day to nap, eat and read. Andy G. flew home yesterday after 3 weeks abroad, so we've both been sitting at home today resting. Not that my summer has been too stressful.

I finished this guest book for my friends at Nowe Miasto, a collective living and community space in New Orleans. Unfortunately, it needed a quick repair and now must be mailed instead of hand-delivered as I intended during my brief visit this weekend. It is made with handmade paper on the cover and some of the section dividers, bound with a coptic stitch. A fun gift to make this summer that took me a little too long to finish.

Also taking a little too long but finally done is Where You From issue 2, a second collection of stories about hometowns and our connections to them, whether we have stayed, moved away or returned.

And my new favorite mail art on the internet is My Real Wall. Andy lives in London, photographs mail he receives each week and posts it on his blog, made to look like a facebook page. He also is involved in other projects encouraging mail art. Check out his site. Now back to lounging for me until I have to go to work tomorrow.