Monday, May 30, 2011

Come see !

Andy and I took a little drive to Pensacola two weeks ago and this is what I saw. Now I am ready for summer! There is paper to be made, postcards to finish printing but first, blueberry pancakes.
Summer in Louisiana is a good time to do all that computer work I have been avoiding. I finally made a site for you to see all the Keep Writing postcards. I am still scanning them and posting so stay tuned. Also on the internet, swimming holes and beaches within two hours of driving from here. Yahoo!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Vaction

I finished my finals, somehow managed an A in my Gen Ed class, despite my whining about it more than attending,and went to the beach for a day. Now it is back to work. But now it is at summer-fun-pace. I have no summer classes but lots to do. My sister has been visiting and she has been a fine companion in the kitchen while I got some of my cooking jitters out. Now, after some handmade ravioli today, the freezer will be stocked and I will be ready to go.

First, here is the buddy I have sitting over my desk at home as I cleaned up a little and answered some mail. He is smart to hide under the jessamine leaf but I don't think he counted on exposing his belly to me.

Keep Writing number 29 went in the mail last week, just after finals. A little late but lovely. I have already started on number 30, a collaboration with my sister something that hasn't happened since we planned our drawings out in crayon. I have some work in progress photos for you as soon as the humidity takes over and it is nicer to sit at this computer than ride around outside.