Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Saturday Night

That's right. I rode to work in the dark, high-fived some drunk dudes after serving them piles of greasy food, and at the end of the day I still felt like cooking dinner. Maybe because it feels like spring today. Maybe because I have been looking forward to making this sandwich since Andy mentioned it a few days ago. I am not going to argue with you about what to call it--obviously it is not a traditional reuben. However, tempeh makes a tasty sandwich. Thick rye, Daia vegan cheese, homemade thousand island sauce, and saurkraut I made with cabbage from our garden. Oh my. And last week, the first Strawberry Abita of the season was available, a beloved local and seaonal favorite. All this and a little Sam Cooke too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's Your Function?

Here are photos of pieces I finished in December. My goal was to make very non-functional platters that could hold a bowl that was too round to stand on its own. Now the question is, what do I do with seven of these platters?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Countdown to Party Time

Not really. I mean, maybe I will go out this weekend. I have been resting and it's been good. But tonight at midnight I found myself listening to the BBC radio making these beautiful little ravioli for the freezer. Of course they are vegan. Maybe I need to get out of the house tomorrow night. Though maybe not until it is above freezing at night. Mayaba did once tell me she was jealous of her introverted friends because we get so much done.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Time Off

Visiting family is great and going out every night is fun too. But there are ten days till school starts, the house is quiet and I haven't made it to the studio this week. Since A. is out of town I have fully taken over the house, moving the sewing machine to the kitchen table for now. It turns out that these little books are too thick for my machine but I mended a shirt and made a peek-a-boo postcard for Ella. Today I ignored all the to-do lists, slept in a little, watched a movie in bed, drove around a little, and actually accidentally did a few things on the list. Home is good.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Wish It Was Merry Merry

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of visits; family and friends, roadtrips and bike rides. The last friend-guests left this afternoon, Andy left this morning on the road for a week leaving me and the cat to a quiet evening. It has been fun, the old friends again, tea in New Orleans, New Year's in Gainesville, lunch in Pensacola. But also there is this:
Two weeks ago a friend of mine was killed in New Orleans, in his home. The news reached me a few days later, already en route to my mother's. I missed the second line but saw a clip of it on the news, my friends so sad and strong, playing songs and marching in his memory. Memory. The last time I saw him was the day before he was killed. I haven't talked about it too much. I don't even know what to say here. It brings up everything about my friend Helen's death (four years ago yesterday), all the things without easy answers.
The only answer for now is to be glad for friends close by, for cozy kitchen toasts and all day drives between visits, for family and sun and good things.