Friday, December 30, 2011

With Apologies to Ruggero Maggi

Last night, after spilling a cup of tea, I finally cleaned off my desk so I can use my laptop on it instead of the kitchen table. I also finally sorted through the mail pile and found TWO unopened letters. Oops. Including this map sent to me from Ruggero Maggi, an artist from Milan who was kind enough to send his response a month before my show. I also organized my letter-writing materials so maybe I will sit at this nice window and write you a letter.

For Christmas, my awesome sister sent me and Andy this jigsaw postcard. Of course, she was always better at puzzles than I, and the envelope arrived in pieces, as it was supposed to. Completed, one side is a letter, the other is this image of these creepy mail cats. Thanks Sis!

Friday, December 23, 2011

One more

After posting all those self-portraits, I found one more that arrived after my show but here it is for you now.

My sister sent me a box of goodies for Christmas including vegan fruitcake(in my family, we like fruitcake), pizzelles, and a bowl she made in her ceramics class. It looks so nice with all the other handmade dishes in our cabinet, including four dinner plates from Roberta Massuch. I haven't started packing, I don't even have a suitcase yet but I've been feeling very cozy at home and not quite ready to pack it all in.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

House of Sick

It's in the 60's and I've been watching Christmas specials and The Wonder Years, sick with a sinus infection that won't quit. It gives me lots of time to post all the postcards I've been receiving but couldn't get around to scanning. Now I have hours at home, too tired and sick in the head to go out and too wired on decongestant to sleep. First round: self-portraits from Keep Writing number 35. I displayed about 14 of these at my BFA show two weeks ago but received about 7 more so here they are, featuring this from fellow scholar, Beck.

Also, before this sinus infection took over, Andy G. had a fever for two days so I stayed home, made tea and answered my mail. If you have somehow not seen this blog, My Real Wall, go look now. Here is a postcard he sent me just because.

Now maybe it is naptime again.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm Back!

What a few weeks it has been! My computer broke down around Thanksgiving, my show went up a week later and my visa application went in the mail the following week. But here we are, back on track with these chocolate-cherry jam cookies I baked last week. Andy and I are preparing to bake for Christmas. Maybe I will even start eating at home.

The show went well, better than I could have hoped. Kathryn and Dave at the Ephemeral Gallery were amazing. My mom came and sat at the desk and told folks to write postcards. It was stunning. I dreamt about setting up a show for the following three nights. I don't want to hang anything from a ceiling for a while.
Some photos are posted on the gutwrench facebook page.

And I finally had a chance to bind a pile of datebooks. If you are looking for last minute Christmas gifts, I have five of these, handbound letterpressed dayplanners. You can see them on my etsy page.