Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Truth I Find You Kind of Annoying

...which is the title of this print and how I feel about my cat at this moment. This print is from Fall 2009 and I just got around to photographing it. It is about 36 inches square, litho, screen print, letterpress, stitching and wax. A little bit of everything. A little story about an arctic fox and a polar bear.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Chickens

A few litho prints from last spring that I finally photographed.
The similarities in color and theme and image are no coincidence and greatly explain how I got to where I am heading.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where to Start

Spring Break and I am spending long days in the studio trying to catch up. And I like it. Too bad I have two more weeks of classes. It's been quiet in the shop and I have been printing silk screens, zinc intaglio plates and woodcuts. And yes, I have started next months post card. So first, let's see the most recent postcard, a map themed card. I got my first response from Andy when I got home from school one day. I've been getting a fistful of responses every time I check the mail. Thanks everyone! It really makes my day.
Also on the good list: trips to the garden. I picked these lovely purple string beans yesterday and realized they looked so pretty with my shirt. The artichoke plant is doing overtime, this photo only shows three of six edibles growing the other day before I chopped one off and gave it to Sarah for being a great studio-friend.
Lastly, here is a detail of a large silkscreen and photo litho image I have been working on. I used to live in this house before the sculpture students turned it into art. My turn.

Friday, April 8, 2011

In-Progress Report

A few days and a short hospital stay later, I am back and not even too far behind in most things. Except this month's postcard, which will be mailed by Monday. I did manage to finish these silk screen and woodcut lovelies with a touch of spraypaint. Want one? You'll have to be at the Velo Louisiane art show at Chelsea's tomorrow. After that, hit me up if there are any left. I'll post a full image later. No sneak peeks here. I even made Andy wait until we go home, because I made one for him.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bike Art Show

There is some serious one handed typing happening here as my angry fighting cat bit me this morning turning my hand into a grotesque Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon. Maybe I'll post an image of that later. For now, know that this weekend is the Velo Louisiane festival, including an art show at Chelsea's Saturday night. I will have prints for sale after some one armed silk-screening tomorrow. Also, Baby Boy and the Melters are playing. The pool table isn't level, but half the proceeds support bicycle advocacy groups in Baton Rouge.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Can Never Have Too Much Saurkraut

I've been sick for weeks and even after ten days of anti-biotics, I still have a face full of pressure and all I want is sleep. Three hours in the print lab with a whole class that must have a project due soon did not help. I was grouchy. And behind in my work. But on the way home I stopped at the garden just to check up on things and sure enough it made my day. I harvested one of the three (!) artichokes on the plant, though I foolishly did not take a photo before plucking. Then I walked around and discovered four lonely cabbages by the compost. I am a better scavenger than gardener anyway. Someone is looking out for me. Tonight we will eat the first garden cabbage I haven't fermented. Then I spotted a bee in Brooke's garlic, and persimmon blossoms in the trees.
I came home to transplant the rest of the zinnia in my yard and my neighbor reminded me it is Brooke's opening tonight. She is an LSU ceramics grad student but her work goes far beyond pottery. One part of her work is these seed pods that she has given out to volunteers to find homes for around town. A photo of the pod goes on an interactive map on her website. Check it out :