Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lucky Lucky

Seriously, I am not trying to brag but it is 73 degrees outside. I can't "find" my homework assignment so I am taking the afternoon off. Jenn should be here in a little bit for some wine and catching up. Then outdoor pizza date. And I already printed this morning before Andy even left for work. It is strawberry season in Louisiana which means deliciousness at the market and I got a loaf of good bread too.
All that AND I've been getting great responses from the Keep Writing project. I was just about to start working on the new one, unsure if anyone would send anything back. When I checked my mail, it was crammed full.
Thanks to all so far! Especially Li Pilas who designed this card in the foreground.
Tomorrow I will go back to work.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lemon Icing Takes the Cake

Or cookies, in this case. Sort of a Valentine's Day tradition, I like sugar cookies with pink lemon icing to share with friends. One year, I carried a container on my bike while I was at work all day, offering them to anyone I delivered to, including a very appreciative vegan friend. Tomorrow, I will bring these to school. I've only eaten one so far but our house is suddenly full of desserts.
It seems like I've been doing a lot more cooking than printing but don't be fooled. I will have more to show soon enough.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coming to Our Town

The Combat Paper Project is coming this week to Louisiana State University to give demonstrations of paper making, pulp painting and printmaking and to start a dialogue about militarism. Politics and art in Baton Rouge? It happens sometimes. They will be in front of the Student Union Monday through Thursday 10-2. Though this is sponsored by One of One printmakers, as vice president, I admit that Megan Singleton did most of the work to make this happen. If you live nearby, check it out. If not, check out their webpage : .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here Goes...

The first interactive postcards have been sent out and have been arriving safely, far as I can tell. The orange-red paper is handmade and a little more delicate than I meant them to be. Recipients are asked to write something that motivates them on the blank side (not shown), tear it off and send it. They keep the other half. I just chose paper for next month's and purchased stamps but I am still not sure on a theme. Interested in participating? Go to and click on "postcard subscription" or send me a message here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Andy's birthday isn't until tomorrow but with a midweek birthday, I made these 2 vegan King Cakes to celebrate this weekend. Two years ago, I tried to impress him with a vegan king cake that he argued was really a cinnamon roll. I'm not from Louisiana. He moved in anyway. But this year, with some help from Kitee and her vegan cook zine Papa Tofu, I made these beauties. I knew things were going well when I made the dough a day ahead, still planning to surprise him and he said "hmmm, smells like king cake in here".