Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm ON vaCAtion!

Point Reyes in the morning

 Actually, I'm not on vacation at all, but I have been super busy: new jobs, six weeks of awesome houseguests and weekend excusions.  Plus all the postcard printing to send mail to you!  It seems important lately, with the crazy schedule of switching jobs and juggling 2 or three at a time, to take one day off every week to see what California has to offer in the summer.  Mostly: beautiful cloudy coastlines and warm rivers.

Once again, Andy G. consented to birthday on the beach! Though the beaches are too cold for swimming, we had a beautiful hike around Point Reyes. Even the most touristy spots are beautiful and not too crowded.  We saw deer and smart-mouthed 12 year olds.

California State Bird! 

the lighthouse at Point Reyes

 A friend visiting from Norway gave us a good excuse to drive to the Avenue of the Giants, a stretch of road just off highway 101 that goes through and near many redwood groves.  It took us all day to get there but it was worth it to walk around these trees in fading light.  ANd we had detoured through Russian River to have lunch and a little swim.  We got back to Berkeley in time for "dinner" at Saturn and were home by midnight, but barely.   Now it is back to work.  Until next weekend, maybe!