Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While You Were Out

somewhere in Sicily where I probably should've been looking at the map
My sister took  ten days away from a job she likes to visit me in Rome and then drive me around Sicily while I made up stories about places I knew nothing about. She was a good sport. And a natural Italian driver. Also she makes the best pizzelle I've had. Now she's home and I am in a hostel in Barcelona trying to make up for being at sea for a few days and out of touch. Here is our whirlwind tour.
palatine hill. old bricks, new flowers

First we looked at old stuff in Rome. That was easy. You can take the subway there.
mt. etna

Then my sister tried out driving on tiny roads up hills while I got carsick. Luckily, the road ended at the base of Mt.Etna.
just below the summit
Which my sister climbed to the top of twice. First, while I laid on the lava and took this photo. I was resting, unsure if I could make it.  Then she came back for me. It turns out I  gave up about ten minutes away from the top. I made it.
chocolate filled pastries in Modica

 Then we drove around a lot more curvy roads, up and down, stopped and started. And finished with refreshments in Modica. That's our trip boiled down. Now I am in Barcelona. I don't understand most of what is being said around me. And there is a lot of talking. More as the night goes on. But I'll tell you about that later.