Friday, April 12, 2013

Backyard Art Show

Site of the magic

I know it doesn't look like much but this one part of our surprising large backyard.  There's a whole other part with a garden and weeds and one California Poppy, but this the part of interest right now.  You see, when we moved in so many months ago, we alternately fretted about rent and what we could do with this space.  A combination half-pipe chicken coop has not been totally abandoned but first we realized that we have a great outdoor space for an art show.  So here it is.

 Ben and I are both printmakers so of course it is a print show. And this way we can sell prints, sliding scale, to benefit a worthy cause.  Like the Beagle Freedom Project who rescues beagles from animal testing and rehabilitates them and finds them a home.  So if you don't buy a print at the show, you'll have to adopt a beagle.  The theme of the show is PRINCE which I like mostly for the possiblities of wordplay, which Andy and I have been working on for my print.

The show isn't until June 7th which will give us time to cut the grass and woo the garden into glory.  But I am telling you about it now because WE WANT YOU TO PARTICIPATE.  I know you are busy with school or the Nationa Stationary Show and sitting in the sun, but we want to you make a print.  Design something , print five of them and send them to us.   Ok?

And then, if you live in the Bay Area or if you want to take a little vacation, c'mon over to our place in Oakland June 7th.  Andy will be tending bar, also to benefit the Beagle Freedom Project and you could have the opportunity to make a print your self in our shop.  I will find a purple dress for it while I sell prints.  Come help us make the most of this crumbly backyard and make it awesome!

write to for details about how to participate