Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On Time Like A Polish Train

Poland is actually sunny and warm in the summer, unlike all those images in your high school history book. But it sure is tricky to get a train. Or information about a train. I even know which train I wanted but the lady at the ticket counter wanted me to take a much later train. It worked out. And to be fair, I don't speak or understand Polish. I should've arrived earlier but I was at the post office, dampening three stamps each for 93 postcards. That's right, Keep Writing number whatever is on its way to you from Italy via Poland. I am sure the lady at the post office thought I was nuts as I stood at the window for an hour applying stamps. But she was very nice about it. As every month, I tried to send them out by the 1st. And every month. they go out on the 7th. This month should be no different.