Friday, July 9, 2010

Window? Fenster?

My german hosts have been very kind about my inability to speak german. Lasse assures me that Berliners are known to be rude and so I should not worry when I forget to say thank you in german or at all. Either way, I have this great place to stay and a computer with which to write to you.
This was taken inside St.Peter's in Rome as the sun was setting. Somehow this was not enough to convince others in my group to climb to the top of this dome.

This is from St.Paul's which is not too far away. It was common to use thin slices of alabaster instead of glass. It lets in an eerie yellow light but the striping in the alabaster makes for interesting patters.

This last window was in Wroclaw Poland (formerly German Breslau). It is part of the chapel to the patron saint of Serbian Refugees. It was cold and rainy that day but still this star and train lit up. Not to compete with the weirdest thing I saw in a church:
This year-round nativity scene in Poland, constructed out of many small moving toys, powered by belts and motors under the table. It included pecking hens, ducks in shallow ponds, Jesus the carpenter sawing a log, and fishermen lifting their fishing poles. Too bad my camera died before I could get a photo of the one foot tall Papa Smurf with glowing eyes. It almost made me feel like drinking hot chocolate and waiting for Santa.