Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where to Start

Spring Break and I am spending long days in the studio trying to catch up. And I like it. Too bad I have two more weeks of classes. It's been quiet in the shop and I have been printing silk screens, zinc intaglio plates and woodcuts. And yes, I have started next months post card. So first, let's see the most recent postcard, a map themed card. I got my first response from Andy when I got home from school one day. I've been getting a fistful of responses every time I check the mail. Thanks everyone! It really makes my day.
Also on the good list: trips to the garden. I picked these lovely purple string beans yesterday and realized they looked so pretty with my shirt. The artichoke plant is doing overtime, this photo only shows three of six edibles growing the other day before I chopped one off and gave it to Sarah for being a great studio-friend.
Lastly, here is a detail of a large silkscreen and photo litho image I have been working on. I used to live in this house before the sculpture students turned it into art. My turn.