Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Can Never Have Too Much Saurkraut

I've been sick for weeks and even after ten days of anti-biotics, I still have a face full of pressure and all I want is sleep. Three hours in the print lab with a whole class that must have a project due soon did not help. I was grouchy. And behind in my work. But on the way home I stopped at the garden just to check up on things and sure enough it made my day. I harvested one of the three (!) artichokes on the plant, though I foolishly did not take a photo before plucking. Then I walked around and discovered four lonely cabbages by the compost. I am a better scavenger than gardener anyway. Someone is looking out for me. Tonight we will eat the first garden cabbage I haven't fermented. Then I spotted a bee in Brooke's garlic, and persimmon blossoms in the trees.
I came home to transplant the rest of the zinnia in my yard and my neighbor reminded me it is Brooke's opening tonight. She is an LSU ceramics grad student but her work goes far beyond pottery. One part of her work is these seed pods that she has given out to volunteers to find homes for around town. A photo of the pod goes on an interactive map on her website. Check it out :