Sunday, September 30, 2012

Postcard Exceptions

Since I finished school in Milan, postcards have not been too consistent. I hear that number 42, sent from Spain the first week of June, arrived just a few weeks ago. I took a month off as Andy and I traversed Europe. Back in New Orleans, I printed Keep Writing number 43 at Fitzgerald Letterpress in New Orleans. I bought 130 postcards while in Europe, mostly in Italy, and printed on the backs. I thought it would give me time to catch up to moving.
In August I handset this, which you might remember seeing locked up. I never had a chance to proof it as a hurricane hit and we left the city a few days later, still without electricity. Again, John helped out by printing the text I had left onto the chipboard Kathryn had donated to the cause. He kindly sent multiple messages to me, which I did not receive because of phone and internet issues in Oakland and eventually had to guess the placement of my text according to my awful notes. The finished postcards are in the mail. Now back to work on setting next month's, using the facilities at the San Francisco Center for the book.