Friday, August 24, 2012

Making Stuff

Lucky for me, John Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Letterpress agreed to give a demonstration about how to operate a Heidelberg Windmill, which is motorized press with a mesmerizing arm motion. Also, it is the favored press among small, artisan letterpress shops. It seemed like a good idea that I know how to use it or, at least recognize how it operates. Unfortunately, I have no photos of that or of the fried green tomatoes and poached eggs with grits I ate while talking shop with John and Kathryn. But John is also generous enough to share his shop with me for 2 days so I can print the next Keep Writing before leaving for California. I set type for hours this afternoon and am very excited to see how it looks on paper, or chipboard as it may be. Notice the lack of straight set type...all handset at angles.
I came home from the shop, hungry and anxious about cross-country house hunting. I made a drink with one of these lovelies, vodka infused with lavender and one with elderberries. I drank the lavender infusion with sparking water and packed the kitchen dishes. You'll have to wait to see the postcards and I hear that y'all are just getting the ones I sent from Spain 2 months ago. Soon, soon I will have an address and a workshop.