Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day Off

Luckily I have a smart sweetie who knows a good opportunity and convinces me to go to the country with our friends instead of trying to print next month's postcard when the printshop is closed anyway. So off we go, somehow only 70 miles from Oakland, there are levees and endless farmland where our friend has a small farm. She invited us there with a bunch of others for pumpkin picking and food and pie tasting and music. I helped sell squash and pumpkin and, in return, came home with a giant soup pumpkin, a jack-o-lantern-to-be and a belly full of pie. Who knew acorn squash pie is so good?
Andy wandered around the farm and took these great photos. As the sun went down, tired and wine-happy, we reluctantly got back in the car to drive to the city to our house which is finally officially well-stocked with food. Now if only I wasn't too tired to cook all week. Though I have 3 part-time jobs, they equal full-time work plus commuting. And this sinus sickness won't let go. But I have my three favorite postcards cheering me on and tonight, we might try and run the Vandercook in our garage.