Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have the stamps,
the colorful tape,
the type set and then printed
and jobs in three printshops (this was the first thing I printed at Painted Tongue Press, a rainbow roll on the Vandercook for one of their cards). Then Moveable Type visited and I was all showing off my letterpress lifestyle in Oakland and I couldn't even remember the combination to the printshop at our house. No, I have not used the lovely lonely Vandercook in our garage. Sure, I've been working, biking to the beach and tired from the sneaky uphills that demoralize my ride to work---turns out I'm not so outta shape or tired or sick or so so slow, but that it is actually a long slow hill. A tricky kind of uphill that makes you feel like you're doing something all wrong since it LOOKS flat and everybody passes me. In Louisiana, it would be a hill. More postcards in the works. And I have been trying to adapt business tools to a more flexible economy, to blend better my love of making and sharing stuff and the financial reality of rent. I added an option to renew on etsy, if you have a postcard subscription or if you have been receiving cards and want to pay a little for postage but $15 is too much for you. I can't make it outright sliding scale without more programming knowledge, but I can refund you the difference. Slowly closing the gaps between some of the things I would like to do and the things I am doing.