Thursday, December 6, 2012

Working from Home

After ten days in a row of going to work, I have a day to stay home and work here. This means lots of baking, cleaning, and posting photos I have been meaning to share with you. Mostly this is a good thing, but not entirely. I have today off because there was a fire next to the building that houses Dutch Door Press, one of the three places I work. Everyone is ok and the presses are ok, but a lot of stock was lost and I think I might be spending some time cleaning up water- and smoke-damanged cards that I packaged last week.
At home, I am getting ready for another holiday sale. This Saturday I will be at the San Francisco Center for the Book from 12-5. Stop by if you are in the city. I am sharing a table with other interns, but I will have datebooks, postcards, and handmade paper.
I've also been posting photographs of postcards I've received. Today, Roberta sent me images of all the great cards she received from Keep Writing 41. I've been getting lots of good ones lately and I will post them soon. Though we have been in this house for a few months, we are slow to hang things on the walls. I finally had a chance to hang the balloons I brought from Louisiana, and a special housewarming gift I had packed away almost a year ago, from Blackbird Letterpress. Just in time to welcome friends from Michigan for a few days.