Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Holiday Season

I've been folding holiday cards since October. Not my holiday cards, someone else's, who is much more prepared for the holiday sales than I am. Last weekend I finally posted a bunch of new items on etsy, including individual postcards from the keep writing series. They do not include the interactive, tear-away-and-send-back but function in the traditional post card way. Image on one side, room for you to write on the other.
Part of this preparation is for the first studio sale since last winter. My table is covered with things that need to be primped, priced and put into a bag, probably a waterproof bag since it is supposed to rain all weekend. If you live near North Berkely and want to stop by, check out this.
Ah winter. Even in California the CSA might need a break. We have pumpkin for the whole winter and enough frozen tomato sauce to actually damage our freezer ( I moved the piles away from the fan inside and everything sounds better). Still I will miss the twice a week box of delicious surprises.
It is not work all the time over here. Last weekend I rode to North Berkely to meet Andy after work and climb onto a rock to watch the sun set over the whole bay. Sigh.