Friday, May 17, 2013


I will skip the parts about how I have been busy and sick (again!) and move right onto what else.

ephemra hoarder turns book binder

First, I used my first Patchwork show as an excuse to try out a bunch of things I have been thinking about for years.  Years!  Though the show ended up being a little slow and the projects are still in-progress, I was happy to have tangible attempts.  For example, I made blank books using train tickets and scraps I carried home from Europe last year but the bindings still need a little work.

datebook detail

I also made a few more datebooks after  letting the covers sit around for a few weeks.  I know, it is way past the first of the year, but these datebooks only have the days of the week listed. Use it now, for 5 weeks, forget about it for a while, pick it up again.  It is the datebook of my dreams, except mine is filled with lists and lists and, once in a while, nothing, when I ride my bike around the city instead,

stacking rings and necklace by april marie hale of tiny  magpie studios

A friend I met at Penland a few years ago offered a trade for a postcard subscription and I was happy to.  Years ago, she traded me a ring for a print.  The ring had a secret message for me on the inside "I love bacon grease," a tribute to our 2 weeks of dish washing together to pay for our classes.  She has an etsy shop--tiny magpie studios, where you can see her recycled jewelry collection.

all vegan, of course, and ready to eat

Every week is busy and every Friday is a rush to work on prints, call my parents, send out the mail and then prepare apertivo for out friends.  It is totally worth it.  By 5:45, everything is ready, our table is covered with food, Andy makes me a drink and I water the garden.  I may create so many things for myself to do but this one is relaxing.  We open the garage door of our room and get to talk with friends and meet our neighbors.
How can I complain?

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