Friday, May 31, 2013

Ride the "Lightning"


When I was young, I loved Little House on the Prairie books.  I still love to read the same thing over and over. Unfortunately I lacked the understanding or guidance to question everyone's attitudes towards Native Americans or Pa dancing in blackface.  But I also remember a much less controversial scene.  Laura convinces her parents to let her get her own name card printed.  It was fashionable to do so, and you could trade with your friends.  How I would like to bring back that trend! (That and buckwheat pancakes are the only things I may want to bring back from those books).  Since Andy Gibbs is such a great guy, and he helped me brainstorm for another business card, I printed these for him.  Silver on black calling cards.  The quotation marks were at his insistence (and Ben broke the tie vote) but I am happy to have printed them.  I have a business card for gutwrench press but I like these personal cards, totally tradeable, and, in this case, with no contact information.  Purely for style.

these are the best ideas we had
Andy's card came out of this list.  For Christmas, I offered to print my dad new business cards as he has recently relocated to Tennessee.  He sent me this letter of instruction and one night, we got to work.  My dad is a "motorcycle safety instructor" which sounds so square we thought we would help him out a little.  But my dad, though he is supportive in many ways, does not share my brilliant sense of humor and probably did not want "ride the lightning" or "turbulence manager" on his business card. My dad also sent his old card, and noted he "did not like the skull much".  Beck asked if my dad was a juggalo. Since he is not, I redesigned his card in a much cleaner, simpler, to-the-point card in classic gold on brown.  If you see something on the list you want printed, I will do it for cheap.  Because who doesn't want a pig saying "legit" in the corner of their business cards? My lawyer friends I am talking to you.