Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Longest Days

Phew!  June has been packed with an art show at our place, apertivo every Friday and out-of-town guest-adventures.  We forgot to take photos of the art show but I still have one of my prints to share.
seven postcards based on printmaking and prince 
The Prince/Prints art show was June 7th.  We raised over $150 dollars for the Beagle Freedom Project, Ben gave letterpress demos and Andy and Brooks served drinks.  A few people went home with prints and I napped with a rescued beagle on my couch.

practice practice. and measuring.
I also took a class at the SF Center for The Book in handlettering.  Unfortunately, I was ill for a few classes but I have been using my new pen nib trying out a little handlettering.  I am far from doing well but it is fun.   I practice once or twice a week, which is not nearly enough, but I experimented a little with some new postcard backs and next month's Keep Writing postcard.

a peek at next month's Keep Writing postcard

I am excited to try out printing next month's card on Crane's Lettra, the wonderfully ubiquitous paper made for letterpress printing.  I use it at work for almost everything we do but this is the first time I will use it for my own project.  We'll try it out next week.

While it is still never really hot here, I am sometimes warm enough and the garden seems very happy.  We harvested our first round of potatoes the other day and have eaten them all.  Here they are, washed and drying.  No complaints here.