Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More From Penland

from the knoll, evening time
 It is nearly midnight, with rumors that it night possibly rain a little tonight and the people in the park outisde my window are listening to 70's soul. Luckily, I had a late cup of tea to help combat the list of things I'd like to do tonight.  I forgot the list but now I can't sleep.  I found these photos on my phone last week, more images of my time at Penland.  It is difficult to express what a special place it is,   how beautiful the landscape is and how amazing it is to have so much time to focus on work.  As my time there seems farther and farther away, I keep in mind the things I learned.  From these photos, it seems that I like to collect things.  Though A. (who has moved with me 4 times at least) could've told you that.
chicken bone, moth wing, mica
collection in progress

more collections and the work i went home with

late at night, hard at work, my desk in the paper studio