Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Know What I Did This Summer

the paper studio at night
I was gone for a bit this summer, adventuring and I've been wanting to tell you about it.  But I didn't know where to start. Have you had this experience, where you are somewhere else for a time and everything seems so different that new universes seem possible? Then you return to what you are used to, where you are comfortable and you don't want to lose the magic. I feel like the more I talk about it, the farther away it becomes.  Like I am belittling the experience.  Well, I have these photos for you--maybe they can explain.
in progress works drying in the dry room

I drove to North Carolina.  I went to Penland School of Craft for two and a half weeks.  I learned about sculpting paper.  I made things that looked like other things I've made, and then I made more. At the end, they were similar but different. I would like to make more before I tell you about them.  But here are some pictures to start. 
felts drying at night

wet paper being assembled around an armature, which is fancy talk for a balloon filled with sand

dry, with the balloons removed
experimental "sheets" of paper drying tacked to a wall
found objects encased in handmade paper
handmade paper , found objects, lit from below