Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keep Writing! Year 3

I love mail. When I moved to Baton Rouge and started college, I wanted to keep in touch with my friends and also give myself a project to complete each month experimenting with different ways of making a post card. For the second year, I asked different friends to collaborate with me. Some of them live in Baton Rouge, others sent me something they printed which I could add to. The card above is a block print and silkscreen by Adam Ross, a high school friend now living in Portland, Oregon. I added letterpress and one layer of silkscreen. Now my list of subcribers is at 120, friends, penpals and people who are receiving these as a gift from a friend. For my third year working on this project, and my last year at school, I wanted to make the cards more interactive. Beginning in February, each mailing will include something for you to send back. Hopefully, I will be include some of these in an art show next winter.
Interested? Send me your name and address. A subscription is $9 for six months and $15 for a year. Trades and sliding scale is available. You can also order a subscription for a friend.
Other examples of cards are at , under "subscription".
Next month's cards are resting on the drying racks in the print shop waiting for a third color. Don't miss out.