Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trades part I

The Holiday Season means multiple art sales each weekend. Living in Louisiana, this means sitting outside in warm, windy, wet weather one day and freezing, sunny windy weather the next. I don't have time to go to many sales but when I do, my favorite part is the end-of-day trading with other artists. Here are a few.

Andrew Gilliat is a third year ceramics grad student at LSU who will graduate in the spring. He traded me this cup, slip cast with laser details, for one of my prints. It fits twelve ounces of liquid perfectly, so yes, I did drink a beer out of it when I got home.

Ty Harlan is an undergrad at LSU who was in my slipcasting class this semester where he made these bowls. He traded me for a postcard subscription and I am happy. It is in my studio at school for eating noodle soup. This one is spray glazed with the same glaze on some of my eggs in previous posts, though his came out more delicately.

Roberta Massuch just started the ceramics graduate program at LSU this year. This photo does not demonstrate how pillowy her forms are. I spent an hour at the sale this weekend picking up her cups and bowls and trying out the handles on platters. They are strangely comforting. Her work will be at the Appalachian Center for Craft this winter.

I have more to show but I don't want to overwhelm you. Another day.