Monday, July 4, 2011


Ah, a good day to nap, eat and read. Andy G. flew home yesterday after 3 weeks abroad, so we've both been sitting at home today resting. Not that my summer has been too stressful.

I finished this guest book for my friends at Nowe Miasto, a collective living and community space in New Orleans. Unfortunately, it needed a quick repair and now must be mailed instead of hand-delivered as I intended during my brief visit this weekend. It is made with handmade paper on the cover and some of the section dividers, bound with a coptic stitch. A fun gift to make this summer that took me a little too long to finish.

Also taking a little too long but finally done is Where You From issue 2, a second collection of stories about hometowns and our connections to them, whether we have stayed, moved away or returned.

And my new favorite mail art on the internet is My Real Wall. Andy lives in London, photographs mail he receives each week and posts it on his blog, made to look like a facebook page. He also is involved in other projects encouraging mail art. Check out his site. Now back to lounging for me until I have to go to work tomorrow.