Saturday, July 23, 2011

"My Guys Don't Do Arts and Crafts"

Some screen printing dudes sent this comment to my friend when he asked if they would cut down the patches they screened for him or if he had too. My friend was going to cut all three hundred with scissors, but I do "do arts and crafts" without shame or apology, so I borrowed the rotary cutter and a few grumpy hours later, done. I know this is some offhand comment by some guy who is too busy and fine, you don't have to demean yourself to this level. But the secret is, not all arts and crafts are crap.

For example, yesterday I made these tags for the jars of homemade treats I made fro a friend's wedding gift. You can talk down arts and crafts and I will eat half-sour tomatoes while analyzing your comments and moving on.

Also, as part of a response to Keep Writing number 29 I got this scrap of a t-shirt with hand painted birds. Merci, Claire!

Oh, and I finally took a good photo of the print I made about bicycling in Baton Rouge. You can buy one on Etsy, and $10 of it will go to the New Orleans Community Print Shop, but you have to wait until I return from vacation. Vacation!