Friday, July 15, 2011


By posting that lazy-day photo of my cat, I implied I haven't been getting anything done. And it's true, I have been working at a lazy pace. The heat is daunting. Yet I completed this month's postcard on handmade paper and they should have arrived in mailboxes a few days ago. I used scraps from Blackbird Letterpress's die cut bears. Kathryn saves all her trimmings for me and I mixed up in the Hollander beater, added about a hundred cards from the Brooklyn Museum's library card catalog, which is now totally digital. Good thing since they are giving the cards away to artists. Yes, the impression in this one is a little deep--the handmade paper was so thick and soft. It you look closely, you can see the little bit of library card.

Also, for a friend's birthday I made these Coconut Mocha cupcakes. Sure, I made a few extra for myself, like a little pre-birthday treat. Also, I couldn't fit them all in this cute metal carrying tin that fits in my bike basket.

With all that done, it is time for a game of scrabble.