Saturday, September 10, 2011

Best Weekend

I am aware that sending mail is not a contest and this one would be a fixed game but this is the best mail I received yesterday. In exchange for his postcard subscription, Lasse sends me a box of vegan cookies and treats every December. When I visited him in Berlin last summer, he brought me to his favorite liquorice shop because I too love liquorice. Now he sends a variety of gelatin-free liquorice every few months. The thing about Scandinavian liquorice, is that they like it sweet but also salty. I drew myself a little diagram of my favorite pieces so I would not be fooled by the salt-centers. I sent the picture to Lasse as a thank you. He brought it to the liquorice shop and voila (or, however you might say that in german) a package of my favorite treats. The only draw back is now that I know I love each kind, I eat them so much faster. Really, those pillowy cube ones are delicious.

A great start to the weekend. Followed by this Saturday morning breakfast of cheesy fried grits with basil (you may as well call it polenta at this point) and coffee. I sometimes work at a diner that is very busy on the weekends. I never eat there on weekends. I often work on Saturdays. But this morning was all mine. I continued working on the NY Times crossword like I had nothing else to do.

But I did...these postcards are the slowest progressing. One spooky layer of lovely ladies. Let;s hope for the best for tomorrow. I'm calling it an early night.