Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where Is My Mind?

A perfect example of my week: I somehow managed to publish this post with just the title before I wrote anything else. Not enough sleep and constant revisions of a mental to-do list leaves me wondering how the rest of the semester will go if I can't pull it together. I finally have a photo of the ten-days late Keep Writing number 33.

I have continued the weekly vegan cookie extravaganza but neglected to photograph the delicious chocolate with surprise-peanut-butter-center treats. I also built this, the first of at least seven large hot air balloons. Well, this is the frame. Before I covered it with paper. Wet paper. And when it dried, I realized I may have a lot more work to do. But this is all I have to show you for now. Since my brain isn't working, I'm going to dancing.