Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Indeed

Tropical Storm Lee has moms all over the midwest worrying, but here in Baton Rouge, we are lucky. The rain wasn't too heavy for too long and mostly what we are getting is a lovely and cool Labor Day weekend. No camping or beach this week, but a good chance to post all the things I have been meaning to, like these postcards I printed almost 2 years ago with Ella's help.

Also, to motivate myself a little, I made these chocolate-almond cinnamon rolls (vegan of course) to share with friend at our pre-studio brunch. We both made it to the studio and I made two batches of pulp, including this lovely blue made from scraps.

At 8 pm I was back in the print shop, drinking coffee and preparing for a few hours of drawing and sewing when I was invited over for dinner. So much for the drawing but 8 hours is still a good day of work, I mean, it is what Labor Day is all about. So I left to meet up with other studio art friends and a pile a eggplant parmesan for a full night of fun. Now back to the studio today to sheet that pulp!