Friday, December 30, 2011

With Apologies to Ruggero Maggi

Last night, after spilling a cup of tea, I finally cleaned off my desk so I can use my laptop on it instead of the kitchen table. I also finally sorted through the mail pile and found TWO unopened letters. Oops. Including this map sent to me from Ruggero Maggi, an artist from Milan who was kind enough to send his response a month before my show. I also organized my letter-writing materials so maybe I will sit at this nice window and write you a letter.

For Christmas, my awesome sister sent me and Andy this jigsaw postcard. Of course, she was always better at puzzles than I, and the envelope arrived in pieces, as it was supposed to. Completed, one side is a letter, the other is this image of these creepy mail cats. Thanks Sis!