Wednesday, December 21, 2011

House of Sick

It's in the 60's and I've been watching Christmas specials and The Wonder Years, sick with a sinus infection that won't quit. It gives me lots of time to post all the postcards I've been receiving but couldn't get around to scanning. Now I have hours at home, too tired and sick in the head to go out and too wired on decongestant to sleep. First round: self-portraits from Keep Writing number 35. I displayed about 14 of these at my BFA show two weeks ago but received about 7 more so here they are, featuring this from fellow scholar, Beck.

Also, before this sinus infection took over, Andy G. had a fever for two days so I stayed home, made tea and answered my mail. If you have somehow not seen this blog, My Real Wall, go look now. Here is a postcard he sent me just because.

Now maybe it is naptime again.