Friday, January 20, 2012


I leave next week for Italy, I have to move out of my house before then and what am I doing? Sorting type I acquired a few years ago. And looking for something to mix with coffee for my moving sale tomorrow morning. It's weird to be so busy working towards a due date and then to suddenly realize it means that something is over. I am leaving this town, the job I liked so much, a few great people. Today I ran a few errands but also said goodbye to a few people who helped so much in my last semester at LSU.

Taylor came over the other night for one more dinner at the thai place down the street and then some beer drinking and printing. I printed the first layer of the next Keep Writing postcard on the gocco printer I bought to bring with me to Italy. This drawing of the Mississippi River Bridge is a good start for my new traveling best friend.

Because of the moving sale, I haven't packed much else, as evidenced by this string of holiday cards still strung in our kitchen. I'm going to miss this house, and I am not doing an efficient job packing, but adventure awaits, whether the type is sorted or not.