Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Test Run

How will I send you postcards from Italy? With this. I am slow to the gocco print trend but I was convinced to bring one in my suitcase to Milan. Tonight I tested my first drawing for Keep Writing number 38 and the screen looks good. So easy. Complete with toxic lightbulbs. I have been asking for donations to cover the extra postage (about 2 dollars a postcard) and I am excited about this plan. I am printing the gocco tomorrow, the letterpress soon. I don't know what customs will think of me. Or my roommates in Milan. But I think I am not going to want to travel without this again.

One thing I am leaving behind that isn't mentioned in next month's postcard is my garden plot at the Hill Farm Community Garden. Even when I only stop by once a week to pick hot peppers or lettuce, or check on this crazy cauliflower, it always made me feel so much better. It is a great quiet spot in the middle of crazy campus. Not to mention all the saurkraut. I have a second giant batch of sour veggies on the fridge right now so I can leave A. with plenty of fermented food while I am away. I guess I should go back to packing.