Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back in Italy

We arrived back in Italy a week ago, from Oslo. Stepping off the plane was like coming home. Not just because I was back in Italy and I can order my own dinner again, but also, the humidity smacked us in the chest like being back in Louisiana. Naples is loud and hot and traffic laws are followed perhaps only by accident. Walking around was exhausting but we had a balcony view of a busy street. So bought a bottle of wine learned a lot about Italian culture (and gestures).
We left the city for the Amalfi coast. I've only been as far as Sorrento and I wanted to swim. From our hilltop town you could see Capri in the morning. Then we could take the 50 minute twisting bus ride to Amalfi proper. I think Amalfi Coast bus drivers train in Naples. The view was amazing but a little rough on my stomach.
Even the post office is charming. This is my photo but go to the Send More Mail blog for a more professional one. I saw the post office here first, because she posts a lot about Italy, stamps, boats, mail...oh just go see for yourself.
I could've floated in the sea all day, green blue and salty, looking at the hills, but we also made it to the Amalfi paper museum and got to see this ancient Hollander (I miss making things).
Andy isn't much of a swimmer so we took the ferry to Positano mostly just to be close to the water. The town is cute but we were weary and not up for shopping or crowds. We found a spot on the beach in the shade to ingest delicious cold things lazily while we can.