Monday, July 30, 2012

This is Not the Culture Shock I Was Looking For

Espresso in the morning, now over ice, my suitcase unpacked, reorganized, repacked. The temporary housing situation continues though now I am reunited with the Storage Unit of Stuff. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully I thought I packed months ago, I am still culling shirts I never wear, shoes that don't fit,and kitchen utensils I don't want to move. Though I wake in the morning and do this for a while, I am still a bit on vacation mode. Ride a bike, listen to the radio, nap, visit friends.
Or pick elderberries from the bush that hides the door to the house and make elderberry cordial. We drank it last night, a tablespoon mixed with a glass of white wine while playing Scrabble. Incidentally, I had my highest scoring game ever. That might not be related. This was supposed to be a post to tell you I have books for sale, that postcards are on their way. Instead, this is to let you know I am putting the lag in jet lag. I am leaving for a short Baton Rouge visit and then a week in Asheville for the Ladies of Letterpress Conference, to talk to all sorts of printers about their techniques and experiences. When I get back, I should have postcards for you. Of course, I am still moving to California in a few weeks, and despite my intentions, I suspect my ambitious work plans will be subdued by "an uncooperative reality.*" While my vacation culture mode continues, I have these two photos for you. The first is a sign in an alley in Venice, one of the most magically picturesque places ever because there is no place like it. Second is from Milan, a detail of the only remaining MAC architecture projects.
See you in a week! *did you listen to this weekends' This American Life story about meeting Piers Anthony. This is what I missed in Italy.