Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Trees of Oslo

Oslo might be the capital of a geographically sizable nation, but it is a cozy city surrounded by forest. We were lucky to have an excellent guide and a little bit of sun book ending the rainy days. My friend lives across from a large park with a botanical garden, which includes a green house. One room is humid and hot and filled with familiar plants. It was a little bit Louisiana for me. There is also a large waterfall and cultivated garden outside. From the kitchen window where we spent many hours drinking coffee, it was difficult to see the street, only the green green park.
I managed not to take photos at the two most interesting museums we went to, the Viking Ship Museum (oh how it rained that day) and the Contemporary Arts Museum. However, I had the camera handy when we visited the national touring theater of Norway, who brings dance, theater and puppets to all of the country. My friend works in the costuming department there.She showed us the stage with large metallic trees, made of mesh, built to be broken down and transported. It is very clever.
We also tried on old costumes. The camel was a two person deal and crowded Andy out of the dressing room so there is no photo but he got a good shot of me in a giant frog suit. It was a good day.
Outside, in the city, the trees are tall and healthy. There are so many beautiful parks in Oslo and a lot of new development to give the place a skyline. Too bad. Sometimes those choices lead to this: a good view of the fjord blocked by this cruise ship.
PS Maybe you think I will be traversing Europe indefinitely but my visa runs out soon enough. In September I am moving to the Bay Area and I will be the new letterpress intern at the San Fransisco Center for the Book. Yahoo! More letterpress for me. Expect more from postcards!