Thursday, November 1, 2012

November! Hello!

October is more summer-like here than I expected but today is grey and drizzly, slowly clearing. The dust bowl of back yard has been moistened and, despite all out ignored best intentions of the hundreds of things we want to plant there, grass just up and grew. That's good. Around this house right now it is helpful to have growing things with self-determination. Unlike these cats sitting next to me, patiently waiting to be fed again. That said, it doesn't mean things don't get done. They are just not the things we mean to do.
First, I planted the second half of our herb garden--now we have 5 pots (though 2 are edible flowers--those count!).
Meanwhile, Andy made another batch of the best red beans ever. He makes dinner often but this is consistently my favorite and the only thing we can figure as his secret is his true Louisiana bloodline (back to his grandpa from Ohio, but that's another story. There is a lot of Louisiana in him).
I've been binding books and cutting covers for new datebooks. They are not specific to start on any particular date so you don't need to wait for a new year. A few weeks ago we wandered around the Mission and found all these great covers. On the inside of our home we started handing things. Like a collection of creepy animal portraits over our stove. But you'll have to come over for dinner to see that. But this nice little postcard from Travis will greet you. Hey, friends on the east coast, especially New York--hello. After spending a few storms in Louisiana while faraway friends listened to the news and worried, it was my turn. Take care, all!