Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oakland Exploring

Saturdays are for exploring.  Well, first, they are for sleeping in. And then biscuits and gravy.  Then exploring.  Oakland is a weird big place, with lots of little different parts.  Last week we rode to a fancy, boutique and cafe part of town to check out a new coffee shop, with amazing vegan sweets.  After some coffee, mexican chocolate cake and sitting in the window watching people.

 We live in a very flat part of Oakland.  But when we walk a little but into the hills, you can see downtown and the bay.  We walked to a cemetery near the coffee whop and only had to walk for a few minutes for a good view.

 This weekend, we looked at the map of the east bay and found a park on the other side of the shipping yards near the house.  It seemed unlikely we could ride there though it always seems unlikely that there would be a park no one could get to.  After a long windy ride through the Oakland port, we found the small and mostly empty waterfront park.  Even better, on the way home we realized that my new favorite park is only a ten minute ride from the house.  Picnic time soon!