Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm not one for keeping a steady pace.  I like a lot of coffee, then no coffee.  Stay up late working, then a few days off.  Last week I got my fill of resting during a little sickness that put me to sleep for 2 days.  Sleep and TV.  No printing, no writing or reading.  I didn't even make my own cup of tea.  Now I am not 100 percent but at least I can stay awake long enough to go to work and cook my own dinner.

A few weeks ago I printed these fun stationery cards for a postcard subscriber.  She let me have free reign with the design and they were fun to print.  I posted partial pictures of the cards, but here they are in full, with the address obscured for privacy.

New postcards are in the mail. I ordered these nerdy poet stamps a few weeks ago and finally the chance to use them.  I have been printing at home on Ben's Vandercook, for the postcards which has been working out wonderfully.  Lucky lucky me.

Sundays are usually for printing but this weekend I made this tiny book instead.  Oh sweet procrastination!  I haven't decided yet if I will sell it on etsy or keep it for notes.  It is the first book I have made with some of the paper I brought back from Italy.  Six months of saving scraps and tickets and take-out bags are collected in a shoebox.  Honestly I thought there was more.  I need a new journal so I suspect you will be seeing it soon.