Monday, March 18, 2013

Making Stuff...

I like my job.  I like making stuff for other people.  I especially like when it comes out looking fine, not too crooked, or inky or splotchy.  I made business cards last week for two ceramic artists.  Roberta sent me a drawing to incorporate into hers.  She makes drawings and functional and nonfunctional work and is about to graduate from Lousiana State University.  And her work is amazing.

For Kim, I hand-lettered her business name instead of using a whimisical-but-overused typeface.  Handdrawn elements are fun!

It's been springlike here and we finally started doing something with the dirt and weed patch called our yard.  Last week, I dug up and turned over a 10 x 5' patch that we mulched to become our garden.  Remember folks, this is not a gardening blog and we have more ambitions than skills. Oh, and we have a good guide book.  So far, there are only marigolds, but I am working on that. Hopefully soon I will post lovely things emerging from the acidic mulch.  Not tonight.

what grew there before

our "garden" where nothing grows