Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Work and Play

The warmer weather and brighter days are great motivators.  Even these flowers, after a long restful winter have decided to bloom.

I have been printing days at Painted Tongue Press in Oakland, and then coming home to print postcards.  Don't worry, I also have been rewatching Twin Peaks with friends, finding secret garden spots near tourist attractions with Andy and eating very well. 

But spring is a great time for a million ideas.  Like: let's have a print show to share the work of our lovely friends, and make an excuse to play prince songs all night in our backyard.

Can you see the secret?

Because spring ups the idea-maker in my brain, I find its best to take notes.  I have a lot of lists.  And yet, when I need to map out a new postcards, my "plan" is barely decipherable by me.  Here is next month's postcard for you--"revealed".

Old cut becomes polymer plate

Ha!  Even this peek at a plate on the press doesn't give away much.  I will tell you I handset some type in our garage studio while listening to music, courtesy of Ben's giant ipod dock.

our other speakers broke

Do you see why I don't often leave the house.  You better come over. (May 10 6-11 Prince/Prints  show.  buy a print! support an artist and a puppy!)