Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garden Bounty

It's been so hot that after about twenty minutes in the garden I feel woozy. Though usually I am there in mid-afternoon after waiting tables for 8 hours and I am soaked in diner grease and I feel like a baked potato in the sun. That doesn't stop me. We have red okra that need to picked every 3 days or it turns into a giant cardboard model of an okra pod. There is a jar of bitty ones in the fridge pickling right now.

Also there are tiny eggplants growing in fistfuls, spicy peppers (maybe jalapenos, maybe serrano), and three kinds of grapes. Yum! Also in the garden area are two persimmon trees and two pear trees. I have a recipe for persimmon cider. And a plan for persimmon cinnamon rolls. If only summer lasted forever.

Don't think the garden is separate from my art-making. I photographed these frozen friends, okra sliced cross-wise, this morning. Nevermind why I was up at five a.m. photographing things from the freezer. I have plans. Just you wait.