Monday, August 15, 2011

Million Dollar Books

Somehow it is noon on a day in mid-August in South Louisiana and we have all the windows open and the air conditioner is off. I might even leave the house this afternoon. I think it rained yesterday, clearing the air, but I am not sure where the smothering humidity went. And I am not complaining. It is lovely outside and school starts in a week.

Here is Keep Writing no.32 as promised. Two shots. This month it is actually three postcards, one for you with my new address, one with a love letter to the USPS stamped and addressed to the Postmaster General, and a postcard for you to send back to me with your description of your favorite form of communication, real or a plan for the post-internet world.

August has been slow all around which has given me and Blackbird Letterpress a chance to get a bunch of printing done for our letterpress datebooks. If only I hadn't miscounted somewhere along the way by 1/3. Good job. Anyway, the back pages were done while waiting for the new shipment of paper to correct my mistake. We also had a chance to bind a few practice ones and they are cuter than we could've known. Worth the wait, I hope.