Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Hurricane Season Somewhere Else

Six years later, I still try not to watch weather reports that overuse the word "extreme" and generally inflate a sense of panic, even if it is to instill a sense of seriousness in the warnings. A bunch of my friends are on the east coast now, hunkering down, baking a pie, or about to play a show. So I am at home eating everything I would put in a veggie hot dog bun as a salad:

Not as gross as it sounds. Too tired to cook for myself and since I am staying home to do "homework" I thought I would do a little research with my new vegan cookie recipe book. First up, almond butter and honey cookies. They use agave syrup but I like local Louisianan honey over that. My choice. You decide if you'll eat it or not. They came out all right. I am going to send some to a friend who is about to have a baby.

Most of my school work this week has been planning and organizing so it is fitting that I finally bound a datebook for myself. The pages are letterpress printed, a collaboration with and soon we will both have some for sale with vintage hard book covers and coptic binding holding them together. Lovely.
Now back to not worrying and writing papers.

(Note: I made my datebook cover special for myself because I couldn't choose from the books I had so I printed this chicken on book cloth and voila!)