Monday, March 26, 2012

Milano Città Aperta

Yes, this is a Roy Liechtenstein image reproduced in candy, in the window of my favorite pastry shop.

Recently I have dreamed that 1) I dyed blue streaks in my hair and 2) I got a C on the project I have yet to write. (I am actually in the middle of starting it/procrastinating right now!). My dreams are boring but lucky for you, my waking hours are more exciting.

Everyone who told me Milan is not as awesome as other Italian cities forgot to tell me that it still all right. This weekend, the city opened a bunch of museums and historical sights and places that aren't usually open to the public, for free. The lines were long but Alicia and I found a few empty sites where members of the Italian Touring Club were ready to tell you anything you might want to know. In english, too! Sunday there were musicians playing at some of the sights, including my favorite museum.

Sunday was also a car-free day downtown. No kidding. I borrowed a bike and managed to find the bumpiest route via cobblestones to every place I wanted to go. It was sweet sweet chaos of families on bicycles and pedestrians and teenagers on skateboards. It was daylight savings (a few weeks behind the US) and spring! I have no photos of the streets because I was too busy getting lost.

I spent all weekend wandering and one night, not ready to go home, I took this photo of the castle all lit up. My camera works half the time, which half explains this random-seeming collection of photos. There is a replacement on the way, but for now, this is what I have. With nothing to show for the hours I spent printing Saturday night while my roommates slept but new postcards are ready for addressing. But first I have this short paper to write.