Friday, March 30, 2012

Parma Vacation

It is spring break and no one was in class yesterday. This morning I woke up extra early to take the train to Parma. When I arrived I was awarded with the above view. Luckily for me, Ashley sent me a camera so I could take a photo of it for you.
I had an appointment with the Museo Bodoniano, in an amazing library in the Ducal Palace. The museum is free but you have to make a reservation. I don't think there are long lines out the door to see the history of book printing in Parma. Too bad for them! There was a huge collection of works he printed including manuals for printmaking and my favorite, Mr.Gray's Poems. I don't know who Mister Gray is or anything about his poetry but, as sometimes happens, it doesn't matter since the presentation was so lovely. There were also printing tools, a press, type, casts for type and a drawing of how he designed Bodini typeface. His wife continued printing after his death. There was an exhibit about that, celebrating unrecognized achievements by women, though that is all I could understand from the poster.
I walked around Parma for a few hours before returning to Milan. I found the botanical gardens, which was hosting a celebration of violets, which smelled amazing. I love spring. In the garden, there was this weirdo installation hanging from a tree.
I also found a few churches to peek inside and I don't like to use flash so all my photos seem to capture the Light of God. Or blurry wonder. I got a little lost, shot down two offers for friendship with lonely men in the park and almost missed my train home. Now, with all the windows open and birds singing, I can pack for my spring break vacation. Now that I have been starting to understand what people say to me if they speak slowly, or bits of overheard conversation (my neighbor just yelled for a spoon) I thought I would go a few places where I won't understand the language at all. Here I come!